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Use our pre-built programs or collaborate with our Client Success team to implement your own automated, remote care programs.

Automate workflows to reduce care teams’ workload and increase capacity

Deliver the ultimate patient experience

The user-friendly mobile app delivers alerts and reminders as per remote care program rules, prompts patients to complete symptom surveys and collects data from wearables and medical devices. Include logic so patients know what steps they should take next. Push situation-specific content, and facilitate virtual visits or single-click calls to care teams.

Manage populations, cohorts and individuals

The care team dashboard grants providers customized views of entire populations, program-specific cohorts, and detailed data about individual patients. Rules can be set to automatically generate alerts or launch ad-hoc telehealth sessions.

Transform patient engagement by staying connected throughout their care journey...

Enhance patient engagement, personalize care

Continuous remote patient monitoring provides patients with a safety net and helps improve patient engagement and program adherence.

Improve outcomes, reduce adverse events

Early identification through proactive management of vitals and symptoms reduces rehospitalizations and averts adverse events.

Increase capacity, automate for efficiency

Recreate steps in your clinical workflow to preserve staff hours and maximize reimbursement with built-in reporting for CPT codes.


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At Datos Health, our mission is to drive clinical efficiency and improve patient care through the power of automation. Our remote patient monitoring platform encompasses Hospital at Home, Chronic Disease Care, OBGYN, Pediatric Care, Psychiatric Care and Long Term Care. If you are interested in a specific use case, contact us as we are always working with providers, health systems and medical centers to develop new care programs.

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